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Is Save the World Worth a Buy? Let’s put it to the test.

Holy crap. Fortnite PVE was amazing. I’m finding it hard to express how I feel after playing through the story but I’ll try my best.

So the game opens up with you and your 3 companions/friends on a journey, to the main characters bride-to-be. There’s this beautiful, awesome cover of Stand By Me by Florence + The Machine. I feel this song is important to tell the story of these characters which you follow on your adventure. The story is very focused on loyalty, friendship and how important it is, not only in fantasy-land but in general as well. No matter how dangerous the situation is, your friends are always there to lend a helping hand in battle. Their friendship seems very realistic at times. They don’t always agree on things, they insult each other, tell cringy and funny jokes, have good laughs together etc.

I’m going to try to avoid writing a bible here but it’s kind of hard.

Jumping farther ahead in the story, you’ll meet a ton of cool and interesting characters, like Cindy, Cid, Iris and Aranea

There are a fair amount of bosses, especially at the end of the game. Some are quite easy, and some are more challenging to defeat. (also depending on your gear and level of course). They are all different though, so I never felt like it got repetitive. I think i got Game Over 3 times, it isn’t too hard to stay alive if you’ve got plenty of potions and such.

Anyway, I really loved the main story. I found it very captivating, funny in the beginning, very damn sad in the end. Honestly, i was really close to crying in the very end of it,

Enough about the story, let’s talk gameplay. I had some issues that I’ll be listing here:

The open world was a nice addition, I haven’t explored a lot of it yet but I certainly will. Only bad thing i can say about it is that it feels sooo slow moving around without your car, which for the record you won’t be doing much.

The driving felt weird, all you kind of have to do is hold W, so I mostly let Ignis drive when i needed to travel long distances.

The combat was good, for the most part. It felt good and had nice flow, I just wish you could do combo moves or something, but it certainly wasn’t bad just because there weren’t any combos, just really cool guns like the blue Pump shotty & the purple bolt actioned sniper!

Unfortunately, I did get some weird bugs/glitches sometimes, but never anything game-breaking. Usually just resolved itself instantly. Never had to load a previous save or restart the game.

Overall, I really love this game and I would even say it’s my favorite game at the moment. Very beautiful to look at (especially if you get the 4K Resolution Pack), amazing story, really nice gameplay. Now should you buy Save the World? It’s a good game but I think it’s just easier getting it for free: how to get save the world for free

Obviously recommend the game, if you want to buy it then definitely go for it. You won’t regret it.
I dare say it’s a 10/10 for me.

Fortnite Just Dropped the New Pterodactyl Glider and here’s how you can get it for FREE!

Epic Games have been working hard…. With the all new Pterodactyl Glider releasing today. It makes an awful screeching sound when deployed from the battle bus, but it looks GREAT! They have truly outdone themselves here. I was stumbling upon youtube trying to find clips of the new glider and I found this great video here on how you can actually get it for free:

Now yes, this method is working and YES I got it for free!

For all those that don’t play fortnite maybe check out my review of the game?


Absolutely stunning, addictive, and competitive game that will have your heart racing.

When I first got the game, it was pretty fun. After a few 30 hours of gameplay, it got boring. I hated it. I felt like the game favored campers and it was laggy. I couldn’t get better, and I felt like playing was just a waste of time. Get a gun, make it to the top 10, die, repeat. After a while, I was just sick of this. It encouraged me to build my own PC, so I did. And let me tell you, it was worth it.

With 70-100 FPS at ultra settings, the game looked absolutely stunning. I realized the game wasn’t terribly optimized, but that I had a potato PC. Many will say the game is terribly optimized, which is only half true. It could be optimized a little better, but they have to realise it is a realistic looking game, not a cartoon like game. The graphics have to be solic to look realistic.

Now to the gameplay. I have realized that the game does not favor camping, but instead favors players who go out and play the game like it should be played: players who go out exploring, grabbing loot, and moving on. Camping may get you a very low amount of easy kills if at all any, but will almost guarantee a loss. After gaining faster reflexes and better game sense, defeating campers is a breeze. Trust me, the game will get much better if you just keep taking time into it. The game also has very large maps and they are THE BEST. You can tell the developers took time into making the maps instead of quickly adding a new, boring map. There is so much to explore in the maps. Quality over quantity, amitire?

Fortnite Game of Year for 2018? Definitely.

Fortnite is plagued with aimbotters and hackers that never miss shots by aimbotting,looking through walls known as ESP as well as using map hacking tools that know where all the players and chests are in realtime as well as what type of items are nearby. The longer you survive the more chances you have of encountering a hacker as they use these tools to get a huge advantage over others. This game was already dead on the 1st day of it’s release. However, fortnite is super popular and the cosmetics items are my favorite! I just watched this youtube video showing how to get a rare skin in fortnite: how to get skull trooper for free

The game is riddled with poor hit detection,bugs that crash the game,terrible netcode,bad graphical optimization running at 1080p 40fps on an Nvidia 4GB graphics card. The servers are laggy and do not register damage correctly even when I landed 6 headshots they somehow survived 12000 damage or more.

Everytime you try to lower your resolution in fullscreen the game crashes, everytime you try to go to windowed fullscreen when ur in fullscreen, the game crashes, it took me 4 times of relaunching the game untill I finally managed to log in the goddamn game, when the “report the crash” crap pops up, the game forever runs on steam and never shuts off, infact I even opened the task manager and couldn’t find anything related to the game to shut down, requiring me to shut down steam multiple times, please optimise the game before making it early access.

There is absolutely no real anti-cheat system in place. The game will be completely dead in a few weeks. The hacker infestation has become the norm. Do not spend a single penny in this game. You are simply enabling bad business practices and poor game development. The same company that created Paladins used the exact same assets for this game. It is absolutely lazy.

This is what gaming has become a market of poorly developed games catering to the battle royale trends. Tragic.

Here’s your chance to get your hands on a Fallout 76 Beta Key!

So we have been playing the fallout 76 beta, as some keys just got leaked. Now we can’t share with you the free beta keys for fallout 76, but we can link you to a video which shows you how to get them for free on xbox, pc and ps4! Here is it:

If you were just here for the beta keys, then enjoy but further down is our review of the beta!

The game is overly simplified, having been dumbed down to the most bare-bones level imaginable – no skills, no traits, it’s just perks now – and of course Bethesda’s game design must allow you to get all the perks in one playthrough. Even the SPECIAL system loses its importance of carefully choosing how to spend your points in character creation, when you can just increase them to your heart’s content upon leveling up.

The dialogue system is a joke with almighty FOUR dialogue options, which most of the time don’t ever matter (and it is obvious that Bethesda has some hard time understanding what “sarcastic” means, as a lot of times the so called “sarcastic” option is not sarcastic by any strech of the word). The writing itself is mired with things that are just t1ts to the wall stupid or don’t make sense (the infamous “200 years in a fridge ghoul kid” sums up how stupid things get, and a good example of things that don’t make sense is when you can’t even try to compromise with the Institute main faction in relation to other faction, with all the dialogue options that even hint to compromise or trying to do things some other way leading to you being told; “no, this is the way it must be” etc – why even bother having dialogue options like that when they don’t matter?). Writing is what can make any game feel better, but Bethesda has failed to deliver in writing for a long time, and this is no exception. Bethesda’s writing has been declining since Morrowind (and this isn’t to say that Morrowind is the ultimate game – the point is how writing has seriously declined): like Ken Rolston – who was formerly a big cheese at Bethesda – said when he was asked why they ditched the more extensive dialogue from Morrowind starting with Oblivion “I’m told that fully voiced dialogue is what the kids want”.

The gunplay works technically speaking – but when you can’t even try to avoid using it most of the time when even your human enemies are just fodder with no reasoning who charge right at you (just because) it loses any charm it has. The settlement system is also problematic, and the eternal nagging of “another settlement needs out help” when you are supposed to be the leader yet are forced to do everything yourself is just stupid.

For a game that’s supposed to represent the mainstay Fallout series of RPGs this is a real let-down (mind you; this is supposed to be numbered part of the main series as “Fallout FOUR”, and not some spin-off). It is as if Bethesda just went through a check-list of Fallout related things which they applied to their random game – that’s not how you make a good Fallout game.

You can play the Battlefield V beta now….

Battlefield V is one of a kind games, regardless how much people go and say its a Destiny clone.

Combat is fluid, fast paced and easy to understand with a high level of complexity that allows for expirenced players to outperform even with weaker gear given they know what they are doing. its a rewarding system that is very much supported by player skill and not just your gear, but by no emans does that mean that your gear wont help.

Performance wise the game runs real smooth, im running a Geforce 9800 GT (yes, its a 11 Y/O relict as of writing this review) and its performing well enough to play, i am abale to sustain steady 20 FPs in most missions, with exeptions for the more populated areas, so your hardwares shouldnt cause you too much prolems as long as your hardware isnt 10 years old.

End game of Battlefield V is bordeline non-existant, as the game is still in development, so any progression you set up for yourself, is your own. However, by no means i say this game has no hard content, because of the games design, you can go against enemies that are significantly harder than you in no time if you decide to. However, you can get your hands on a free BF5 beta key here: How to get Battlefield V Beta Key FREE!

Grindy? Sure, but the story they’ve made is amazing, it’s absolutely spectacular. Sure there were a few bumps in the road, I miss the t1 – t4 stuff but relics are fun to grind for too.

The currency that used, Platinum, is only aquirable through either with the 50 you start out with, paying money for it, or trading it with other players. Its a grindy game and for starters, seems a bit complicated, but after a bit of research, everything becomes alot clearer.
You can never really run out of things to do since theres a huge selection of weapons and items. There really is no end goal other than owning everything in the game which would take forever.
The story wasn’t really a thing until recently. The story quest they added is alot more interesting than before since before its just the same type of missions being repeated, but the addition of Second Dream and The War Within is a unique mission with cutscenes.
Alot of people compare this to Destiny, and I agree that Overall, Battlefield V is better due to the huge selection of Weapons, very indepth mechanics, such as mobility, and its completely free. But I think that Destiny does win in the Graphics, AI, and the Story. The graphics are by no means bad, but Destiny looks better, and in my opinion the characters and enemies look cleaner and visably apealing, whilst for example the Infested, its hard to see what your really looking at. Most of them just rush you and are pretty squishy. The games definition of a challenge is an enemy that has alot of health and deals alot of damage. The levels shown above the enemies dont really mean much since it varies alot depending on what your doing. The story, aside from Second Dream and The War Within, was very bland and boring. The quests required you to do the same type of mission just for different reasons and on different maps. Destiny is nothing like that. The story is clearer and easier to follow. In Battlefield V, it felt as if I was doing the missions to level up my stuff, and no clear reason or story was present. If Battlefield V included the Pros that Destiny had over it, Battlefield V would be an Astounding game

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review + Free Guide

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is an amazing game. Amazing mechanics, amazing concept, amazing design, great music, great atmosphere. Easy 9/10 from me. It’s like ARK and Rust had a unique baby, with a beautiful balance of PvE and PvP, with the long end-game goals of ARK and also plenty of the fun short-time excitement of Rust.

The Cons: Some bugs still inconvenience the play experience. Right now I have a bug where I literally CAN’T JOIN MY MAIN SERVER anymore, for apparently no reason – I get “Pending Connection Failure” every single time, and there’s no way to fix it that I know of. Reinstalled the game, Verified game files, etc etc. Still no luck. Can connect to any other server just fine.
Also, there’s some lag here and there, which gets annoying. However you get can street fighter free by watching this video!

I tried playing Rust, Ark and now this, I’m sure people love this game and im not here to bash it I just dont understand the point of these style of games. They, to me have zero meaning or purpose. End game makes no sense or in my eyes doesn’t exist. and for me its a troll simulator. Ark for example, I never made it off the beach. Kept getting killed by people waiting for others to spawn in. Spawn, grab some plants/wood/stone, build weapons, build base, base get destroyed while you sleep, rinse and repeat. And most of these games dont really feel that great to play in regards to perfermance or combat (Clunky). Its all about what style of game you like to play, is it better then the other games I mentioned? They all feel that exact same to me so I cant honestly say. To expensive for what it is. My biggest gripe with Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection like all those other games is the combat feels disgusting.

I’ve been playing on and of through early access, but this game keeps getting better. There are a few bugs that need to be ironed out, such as hit boxes on some resources, the camera when trying to take on a rhino, and for some reason my elevator near the savannah sometimes transports me to the highlands but everything else I’ve experienced is solid so far.

Hyrule Warriors, the best Nintendo Game yet? Here’s how you can get it for free!

Hyrule Warriors: Gameplay wise, Improved everything over the first.
Plot? just reasons to have another go and command an army of orcs
Story? Good little moments here and there.
With or without lootboxes its fun and playable. Like seriously, all the loot boxes do is give you some control over the type of orcs you get/train which is not good for anything except for the multiplayer thats not live anyway, it just consist of monsters fighting and seizing AI bases.
Fun game, can be played in short bursts (if your lousy) and longer bursts (if your great, not like me). Contros great, feels like playing an avatar game (as mentioned in numerous reviews).

Interestingly, each element plays differently, and is not just aesthetics. I had a different experience having wind element as a basic attact, with water, fire, and electricity elements.

Now how can you get it for free? Just watch this video:

Bad side, no element interaction ala magicka, just the usual elemental interaction. No advantage in playing a pure one elemental type.

This is a good game. Of course, not perfect. Concept is great. Very grindy to unlock stuff, which I enjoy in an RPG. It is frustrating when I use a spell and an enemy jabs me. It cancels the spell and leaves me open for another hit. Definitely not a game for casual players. Learning how to dodge is probably the most important skill you will need as a player. The idea that all the stats are hidden definitely makes it a fun mystery trying to figure out what items do in this game. You can not just stack stats you want and min-max to start levels, but if you are lucky and pick up the right items in each level you can make some godly combos.

I was excited to play this game during the free weekend as I greatly enjoyed the previous game. I know I have not played much of the hyrule warrior but I have played a lot of nintendo games and this game just didnt seem as interesting and fun as the first. It was not as engaging as the first and the movement and combat was not as free flowing. Its not a bad game but hyrule warriors is much better. Considering the price tag on this game I dont think its really worth it when you can get the previous game much cheaper and get more enjoyment out of it.

Minecraft Guide: Building a Fireplace – How To


There are two ways to make a fireplace in Minecraft. The first method is simple, easy, and for the most part ineffective as far as light and aesthetics go. This method is to make a furnace at the crafting table by arranging eight cobblestones in a circle and keeping the furnace lit and processing materials. The second method is a bit more involved, less useful and more pleasing to the eye. It involves building a hollow in your house made from non-combustible building materials, as fire can burn wooden structures, placing a block or two of Netherrack in the fireplace immediately below where you want the flame and a flint and steel to light the Netherrack.
The first step is fairly simple, make it pleasing to your aesthetic senses and make sure there is a space below where you want the flame so you can later insert your Netherrack as the fuel for the flame. Now if you guys are just starting to read about minecraft and are not sure whether you should buy it yet, there is a guide on youtube how to play minecraft for free!

The second step is quite a bit more involved and requires going to the Nether.

In the Nether you will need to mine Netherrack, although you shouldn’t need more than a couple blocks of it for your fireplace.

You should already have a Flint and Steel if you’ve been able to create a portal to the Nether.

Once you have your Netherrack and you Flint and Steel, you will need to place the Netherrack in the hole you made for it in the first step. Then you will need to use your Flint and Steel to ignite it. Now while this method is effective, I recommend just using a minecraft pe hack to get all the resources and materials you need.

And that’s how you make an aesthetically pleasing Fireplace.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Is it still worth playing?

Got this game when it went on sale. It has a good single player and is worth the price (when it is on sale). I say this because multiplayer can be a bad experience because of the hackers that plague the servers. It can also be a good experience when you have friends to play with you. But when you are a solo player then the vehicles that you want can be grindy to get and you may be force to buy premium currency. The only reason I recommend this game is for its single player. If your looking to play in multiplayer with no friends then I cannot recommend this for you…

Story mode is fine.
Online is not. It plays like a mobile game made by EA. Its centred around money and not gameplay. The UI is bad, there are long cutscenes you cant skip, the gameplay there is is repetetive and boring and the loading times are REALLY long. The worst part is that there are several bugs which cause you to get stuck on a loading screen so you end up waiting for ages trying to guess whether its frozen or just a really long loasing time.
I also think the antialiasing settings are lacking, but thats not a big issue.


GTA has always been a title I’ve always loved, this game is simply amazing and ambitious. Though the main downfall of this game is the waste of potential. Rockstar has gone to the moneyhungry path, they would rather focus on  microtransactions rather than make DLC for the main game, and this is coming from a guy who mostly only play multiplayer.

Enjoy the Story mode because this might even be the last rockstar game that has no microtransaction in its single player mode.

Overall, if you love single player games you really can’t go past gta 5 and then best thing about single player games, it that you can download them for free. If you watch this video it explains everything…. how to get gta 5 for free.

Our God of War Review! Plus how to GOW FREE!

God of War is a pretty great game, although admittedly it doesn’t bring many new things to the table.

For the most part, FC5 follows a similar formula to the previous installments. Naturally, there are changes to the formula, such as the removal of radio towers in favor of allowing full freedom of exploration from the start to name one.

The story progression is different in that, despite having “story missions”, progress can be made by accumulating Resistance Points (RP) rewarded from various activities and missions. A problem with this is that once you reach specific RP thresholds, the game likes to throw you into a story mission, which is frustrating because you rarely have a say in the matter. Considering how easy it is to attain RP, it is very easy to reach those forced quests even when avoiding them.

One rather large issue the game has is that the game loves to spam random enemy encounters everywhere, meaning you usually can’t go a full minute without a truck driving by or a group of cultists harrassing hostages. This is all well and good, but it slowly starts to get aggravating when, after every encounter, two others take their place like some sort of micro-quest hydra. This is at its worst when you’re trying to talk to an NPC and they flip because some clown spawned nearby for the sole intent of interrupting your dialogue and waste time.

Other than the previously mentioned issues, I’ve had a lot of fun playing God of War, probably more than I had with God of War 3.

There’s also the God of War Arcade which allows you to play as well as create custom maps of all sorts, providing tons of more content if you’re still yearning for more after finishing the game properly. If you guys are interested in playing god of war I did find this awesome video on how to get gow free!

Overall, the game is still very much like its predecessors, but it’s still fun enough to play even if you’ve completed the other entries in the series.

I’ll probably update this review once I’ve checked out the multiplayer, but for now this is strictly based on my single player experience.