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Hyrule Warriors, the best Nintendo Game yet? Here’s how you can get it for free!

Hyrule Warriors: Gameplay wise, Improved everything over the first.
Plot? just reasons to have another go and command an army of orcs
Story? Good little moments here and there.
With or without lootboxes its fun and playable. Like seriously, all the loot boxes do is give you some control over the type of orcs you get/train which is not good for anything except for the multiplayer thats not live anyway, it just consist of monsters fighting and seizing AI bases.
Fun game, can be played in short bursts (if your lousy) and longer bursts (if your great, not like me). Contros great, feels like playing an avatar game (as mentioned in numerous reviews).

Interestingly, each element plays differently, and is not just aesthetics. I had a different experience having wind element as a basic attact, with water, fire, and electricity elements.

Now how can you get it for free? Just watch this video:

Bad side, no element interaction ala magicka, just the usual elemental interaction. No advantage in playing a pure one elemental type.

This is a good game. Of course, not perfect. Concept is great. Very grindy to unlock stuff, which I enjoy in an RPG. It is frustrating when I use a spell and an enemy jabs me. It cancels the spell and leaves me open for another hit. Definitely not a game for casual players. Learning how to dodge is probably the most important skill you will need as a player. The idea that all the stats are hidden definitely makes it a fun mystery trying to figure out what items do in this game. You can not just stack stats you want and min-max to start levels, but if you are lucky and pick up the right items in each level you can make some godly combos.

I was excited to play this game during the free weekend as I greatly enjoyed the previous game. I know I have not played much of the hyrule warrior but I have played a lot of nintendo games and this game just didnt seem as interesting and fun as the first. It was not as engaging as the first and the movement and combat was not as free flowing. Its not a bad game but hyrule warriors is much better. Considering the price tag on this game I dont think its really worth it when you can get the previous game much cheaper and get more enjoyment out of it.

Minecraft Guide: Building a Fireplace – How To


There are two ways to make a fireplace in Minecraft. The first method is simple, easy, and for the most part ineffective as far as light and aesthetics go. This method is to make a furnace at the crafting table by arranging eight cobblestones in a circle and keeping the furnace lit and processing materials. The second method is a bit more involved, less useful and more pleasing to the eye. It involves building a hollow in your house made from non-combustible building materials, as fire can burn wooden structures, placing a block or two of Netherrack in the fireplace immediately below where you want the flame and a flint and steel to light the Netherrack.
The first step is fairly simple, make it pleasing to your aesthetic senses and make sure there is a space below where you want the flame so you can later insert your Netherrack as the fuel for the flame. Now if you guys are just starting to read about minecraft and are not sure whether you should buy it yet, there is a guide on youtube how to play minecraft for free!

The second step is quite a bit more involved and requires going to the Nether.

In the Nether you will need to mine Netherrack, although you shouldn’t need more than a couple blocks of it for your fireplace.

You should already have a Flint and Steel if you’ve been able to create a portal to the Nether.

Once you have your Netherrack and you Flint and Steel, you will need to place the Netherrack in the hole you made for it in the first step. Then you will need to use your Flint and Steel to ignite it. Now while this method is effective, I recommend just using a minecraft pe hack to get all the resources and materials you need.

And that’s how you make an aesthetically pleasing Fireplace.

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Is it still worth playing?

Got this game when it went on sale. It has a good single player and is worth the price (when it is on sale). I say this because multiplayer can be a bad experience because of the hackers that plague the servers. It can also be a good experience when you have friends to play with you. But when you are a solo player then the vehicles that you want can be grindy to get and you may be force to buy premium currency. The only reason I recommend this game is for its single player. If your looking to play in multiplayer with no friends then I cannot recommend this for you…

Story mode is fine.
Online is not. It plays like a mobile game made by EA. Its centred around money and not gameplay. The UI is bad, there are long cutscenes you cant skip, the gameplay there is is repetetive and boring and the loading times are REALLY long. The worst part is that there are several bugs which cause you to get stuck on a loading screen so you end up waiting for ages trying to guess whether its frozen or just a really long loasing time.
I also think the antialiasing settings are lacking, but thats not a big issue.


GTA has always been a title I’ve always loved, this game is simply amazing and ambitious. Though the main downfall of this game is the waste of potential. Rockstar has gone to the moneyhungry path, they would rather focus on  microtransactions rather than make DLC for the main game, and this is coming from a guy who mostly only play multiplayer.

Enjoy the Story mode because this might even be the last rockstar game that has no microtransaction in its single player mode.

Overall, if you love single player games you really can’t go past gta 5 and then best thing about single player games, it that you can download them for free. If you watch this video it explains everything…. how to get gta 5 for free.

Our God of War Review! Plus how to GOW FREE!

God of War is a pretty great game, although admittedly it doesn’t bring many new things to the table.

For the most part, FC5 follows a similar formula to the previous installments. Naturally, there are changes to the formula, such as the removal of radio towers in favor of allowing full freedom of exploration from the start to name one.

The story progression is different in that, despite having “story missions”, progress can be made by accumulating Resistance Points (RP) rewarded from various activities and missions. A problem with this is that once you reach specific RP thresholds, the game likes to throw you into a story mission, which is frustrating because you rarely have a say in the matter. Considering how easy it is to attain RP, it is very easy to reach those forced quests even when avoiding them.

One rather large issue the game has is that the game loves to spam random enemy encounters everywhere, meaning you usually can’t go a full minute without a truck driving by or a group of cultists harrassing hostages. This is all well and good, but it slowly starts to get aggravating when, after every encounter, two others take their place like some sort of micro-quest hydra. This is at its worst when you’re trying to talk to an NPC and they flip because some clown spawned nearby for the sole intent of interrupting your dialogue and waste time.

Other than the previously mentioned issues, I’ve had a lot of fun playing God of War, probably more than I had with God of War 3.

There’s also the God of War Arcade which allows you to play as well as create custom maps of all sorts, providing tons of more content if you’re still yearning for more after finishing the game properly. If you guys are interested in playing god of war I did find this awesome video on how to get gow free!

Overall, the game is still very much like its predecessors, but it’s still fun enough to play even if you’ve completed the other entries in the series.

I’ll probably update this review once I’ve checked out the multiplayer, but for now this is strictly based on my single player experience.

My Injustice 2 Review in 2018! Should you get it?

I really wish Steam had a “middle of the road” option, instead of just thumbs up/down. I really enjoyed this game. This was my first Injustice game, so I won’t comment on how it stands up relative to the rest of the series, but I still felt that there were some problems that really held it back from being great. So, the good from the perspective of a longtime shooter fan:

-Shooting mechanics are solid. Killing crazed cultists is very satisfying. Both stealth and guns blazing playstyles are viable, and I enjoyed mixing it up.

-PC port is great. I had no problems with things like crashing, but YMMV depending on your rig.

-Figuring out the puzzles for the Prepper Stashes (basically caches of supplies that you can get) were a lot of fun. The solution is usually given away in a hint but I still had a lot of fun figuring them out. I do like puzzle games, however, so some people may just find it frustrating.

-Voice acting, especially for the antagonists, is excellent.

-Graphically gorgeous game, but again, YMMV depending on your rig.

-You can instakill people with shovels and garden hoes by throwing them.

-You can pet the dog.

Things I didn’t like:

-The last 2-3 minutes or so of the ‘true’ ending. I won’t spoil it here, but I will say that once I reached that point I was extremely disappointed. It was a thematic 180 and didn’t fit with the rest of the game. It’s not Mass Effect 3 level bad imo, but still enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth. If they changed those last few minutes, it would be much better. Not going to happen, but I can still dream.

-Lack of weapon variety. I basically only had 4 weapons that I used throughout the game. A lot of the weapons in the shop are often just reskins of the other, with no interesting mechanics that set them apart from the others. There is also little in the way of customization for them in terms of scopes, silencers, etc. I slapped a red dot sight and silencer on all my weapons, which carried me through the game.

-Driving any vehicle. Cars, airplanes, and boats feel too floaty and will often react either too much or too little to your inputs. The wingsuit is guilty of this as well. Controller users may not have as much of a problem with this.

-Co-op does not carry over mission progression, only perks/money/resources. I didn’t mind it as much as by the time I started playing with a friend I was much further along in the game than he was, but it sucks for the people that wanted to progress through the game together.

-The game gets very repetitive after a while. This is a problem with open world games in general. I no-lifed the game for 1-2 days with max completion then ended up rushing through the rest by skipping a lot of missions and stuff to finish it. It’s definitely better in smaller doses (3 hours max, maybe).

-Microtransactions. I’m against them on principle. They’re completely unecessary as everything in the store can be bought with in-game money. I was rolling in in-game cash after the first 7-8 hours or so. They’re just there to make an extra buck out of people who don’t know any better.

The game is a lot more political than people give it credit for. It’s hidden relatively far in the game and subtle but it’s there. If you’re the type of person who didn’t like the premise of the game based on the promo material, then you’re not gonna like playing it. The above aside, any shooter fan should enjoy this. I know it seems like I railed on the game more than I praised it, but I believe in being detailed about the things I don’t like in a review so the buyer has more information to work with, as it’s a lot easier to find information about the things that a game does well. If you’re on the fence, wait for a sale.

Fortnite – The Best Battle Royale in 2018?

Honestly I cannot praise this game enough, in my opinion is the best battle royale out there. The graphics, the flow of the game even how the guns and firefight systems work are brilliant.

My only issue is the trend every game seems to be falling into, micro transactions and loot boxes, fortnite heavily suffers from this, it doesn’t affect game play but if you want to look good, you bet your ass you’re gunna have to spend a good 10 quid on a coat or in my case the twitch prime gear, rr you can use this video to get free v bucks…. it worked for me 🙂

Other then that one fairly large issue, i believe fortnite could be a masterpiece if the devs put more time into making it into what the players want and not some loot box cash grab.

Here are some pros and cons if you are looking into playing fortnite!


-Interesting play style, surviving based on killing others, getting stronger as you play through.

-Decent execution, the server problem, parachute problem, bad optimisation has all been fixed.

-Despite me hating the game, there are times which i play with my friend, and all shout in excitement when we do something awesome.

-Highly replayable

-Nice ranking system, I would consider it to be friendly to both veterans and new players joining the game.


-Vehicle physics. What the actual is wrong with your roads? if i drive a  motorcycle on the road, it shouldn’t flip and kill all of us on it, every other time. The buggy feels like it has a magnet stuck onto the ground, the thing barely flips.

-The amount of hackers in this game. There are simply too many, it runis your 15 minutes of hard work searching through houses, jumping fences and careful looting. The system doesnt even have any response for reporting, you never know if the guy you reported is actually being banned or not.

-Too many times does the lobby jam, which we see one player being ready but he actually isnt, or vice versa. The ready screen is simply a joke if you ask me, sometimes we’d have random region changes or random mode changes for seemingly no reason at all.

-Instead of working on a reliable anti-cheat system, working on a better loading screen, better vehicle physics, better optimisation, the game devs decided.. stuff all of you, here have some new skins, not happy? have some gun skins, not happy? alright alright have this flare gun.

-There should be an option to select which ever weather/day time you want, some of us did like the fog. Instead they just deleted it.

-The emote system made me hate cheaters sooooo much more, goddamn it…..

-The devs really need to reconsider their priorities.. They are a small company, but fortnite made big sales and they made a very large sum of money, personally I dont think its wrong to come up with new skins or new ways to cash(keys and such), but i do think that they might wanna fix their game and make it smooth first.

Minecraft Pocket Edition – Is it worth playing?

One of the biggest updates was including the use of pistons in the game (which funnily enough were introduced through the open modding community that minecraft housed, but we’ll get back to that later) which allowed for crazy inventions such as elevators to be introduced into the game with some smart and dedicated individuals. This opened my mind to the idea that anything that i thought could be created could be. And with time and persistence i created my first redstone “contraption” with a little help from a few famous Youtubers named “AntVenom” and “CaptainSparklez”, which i am still very fond of today and can be found still enjoying this game to this date. They also introduced me to this amazing website that gets your free hacks and cheats on MCPE, check it out here: minecraft pe hacks and cheats!

The game has constantly evolved from its Pre-Alpha state when i joined, from adding multiplayer and now even intractable NPC’s and most exciting of all, is that they created an “End” to the game, urging players to grind and collect to reach this milestone that every player desires. But one of the greatest things about minecraft is its flexibility and ability to mod and change anything you want within the game. For example they have resource packs in which you can change the textures and fonts within the game giving you an entirely unique aesthetic to the game, to make it fresh and vibrant. Also with the accessibility to mods people were able to create almost anything, my favorite mods to date are still the Poke-mobs Mod, which allowed you to capture and train Pokemon within Minecraft and the Timber Mod, which i think you can guess what that does.

Overall, I suggest if you haven’t already tried Minecraft pocket edition out i urge you to test your abilities and gain the sense of accomplishment of building your first house and surviving your first night. Minecraft is simply like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on and you’re its artist. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot and join the millions of us that are building and creating just as you are reading this. Or are you just too scared that you will get owned by a creeper? xD

Is ARK worth the $60? Or can you get it for free?

Ark is a really great game but it takes a lot of time to learn and has a bit of bugs that can affect your experience a lot, would recommend to buy if the game is on sale as i would rate the game to be worth 60 bucks if it would include scorched earth expansion. The game is a bit heavy to run and i would recommend having minimum of 3Gt VRam and 8Gt of DDR4.

As for new players i would recommend to play single player or start with PVE servers as it takes a lot of time to learn the game and most of the people on PVP servers have at least 500h played and they have 10+ members on tribe, as for my personal experience i started on pvp server with my 3 friends and we had just gotten enough resources to make a metal base some guys with the best gear in the game (tech EQ) came and destroyed all that we had (the server had restarted 5 days ago) . The game also has a lot of really good mods and if you play on single player i would recommend to try and get the most out of the mods. Remember to add multipliers to the game as taming and leveling can take actual days on some dinos.

Tips for searching servers: Search for servers from your browser and not the in game-menu as it usually bugs really often and if you get connection timeouts just try connecting again and if you really want to join a server try getting in contact with the servers owner and try to solve any problems with connecting to the server as the owners usually can see if you cant connect to the server because you don’t have some of the mods needed. If you are looking at getting ark, i would highly suggest you watch this video to get ark for free pc!

Overall, great game. Better to play multiplayer in my opinion, but finding a good server can be quite difficult. The “official” servers are complete trash, filled with abandoned bases. As for the rest of the servers, most of them are 100x gather, tame, etc which kind of defeats the purpose of the game. But if you can find a good server, i totally recommend.

ark for free

CS:GO Review

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a online First Person Shooter (FPS) that is well known for having a high skill ceiling, being competitive and having a huge online economy that is based on Skins and cosmetics such as Knifes, weapon skins, pins, etc.

This review will list the pros and cons of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (CS-GO)

~The Pros~

-A large and dedicated player base that will keep the game alive for years to come.
-A high skill ceilling that is easy to get into but hard to master.
-Good ranking system that pits players of the same skill level together allowing mostly fair play.
-Almost any one can run this game on they’ll computers.
-Updates that improves the game.
-Fun gameplay.
-decent graphics.
-Good pro scene.
-Fast matchmaking.

Now its time for the cons.

~The Cons~

-Subpar anticheat.
-64 tick servers.
-Not the best reporting system.

I have way too many hours on this game. Its an OK game but needs improvements. If you like a game with alot of salty teammates and cheaters around every corner then this is the game for you. This game is fun but they need to fix things definitely. It is a highly competitive game but could be better. It seems like ive been stuck in Silver 1 for all my time maybe thats why im posting a somewhat salty review. However, I find CS:GO to be one of my favorite games ever. This is the first fps that truly requires thought and team communication, Unlike most fps’s where it is just point and shoot. I truly recommend this game.

Overall i would give this game a 8.0/10

Get this game if you are into skillful first person shooters or if you like competitive games and are looking to have some:

– Very fun and challenging
– Skill and Luck are involved
– Active development staff results in good updates
– Active community results in good gameplay

You can buy it on the steam store here or get csgo free from this guy!

Holistic Skin Care

Many people are deciding to use bypass the chemicals and opt for safe, holistic skin care methods. While holistic care cannot completely replace conventional medical care, it can be used safely to address many issues, and with good results.
One the best holistic skin care methods is the use of olive oil on stretch marks. Anyone who has ever given birth, or gained and lost a large amount of weight, was probably left with unsightly stretch marks. Using this method to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is easy. Simply apply the oil during therapeutic massage. This should be repeated three or more times per week. Be certain to follow this regimen strictly to achieve the best results. This holistic skin care method produces noticeable improvement in the majority of users. No special olive oil is required. Olive oil from your local grocery store will work just fine.

Knowing what to put on your skin is always a big trouble for those looking for natural alternatives, I found this article on the internet from a cool company that sells all natural products. They have a great blog that talks about natural ingredients and how they can help, which ones are the most beneficial and just overall of what you should be putting on your skin daily!

For holistic skin exfoliation, try a mixture of sugar and baby oil. Research has shown that this is an effective method of home exfoliation. To use, mix the sugar and baby oil together and apply it to your skin while in the tub or shower and then rinse it off. It’s hard to beat this holistic skin care method when it comes to price compared with commercial exfoliating products, and the glowing skin it produces is wonderful.

Wrinkles can be attacked with a holistic approach as well. Castor oil can be used as an eye cream. To use, massage it in the eye area just before bedtime and let it stay until morning. Alternately, orange juice applied to cotton pads and allowed to rest on the eyes for ten minutes can also help tame wrinkles in the eye area. For wrinkle reduction for your entire face, mix three drops of almond oil, one beaten egg white, a half teaspoon of lemon juice, and two teaspoons of orange juice. Apply this mixture to your entire face and allow it to completely dry. Once dry, rinse it off with warm water.

Most people do not realize the effect that diet has on skin. Making sure you are getting plenty of antioxidants, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E is a powerful holistic skin care method. In addition, Omega-3 oils prevents skin from drying out, and helps skin retain it’s elasticity.

Implementing the holistic skin care approach is simple, cost effective, and best of all, natural. In a world full of pills and potions, it is best to try to care for yourself in as natural a way as possible.