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Sun Safety!

The safety of some sunscreens has been called into question recently, many scientists now believing that some of the chemical substances in many sunscreens could actually increase the risk of melanoma (the most serious type of skin cancer).

Alarmingly in many parts of the world where using sunscreen has been heavily promoted over the years (such as Northern Australia), statistics have shown that there has been a rise in the incidents of melanoma.This after consumers have been encouraged to slap sunscreens on themselves and their children, which could possibly contain harmful ingredients.

Potential Health Problems

  • allergic skin reactions such as contact dermatitis
  • intense free radical activity
  • weakened immunity against infection and disease
  • All of which can lead to a plethora of health problems!

Chemical Free Sunscreen

Many worried and angry consumers are are now starting to use a chemical free sunscreen as a safer alternative. A chemical free sunscreen per se, should not contain any of the harmful synthetic chemicals that are present in many sunscreens today. It should contain only organic, natural ingredients, that provide protection from the sun’s UVB and UVA rays, and if possible also help to nourish the skin.

Vitamin D

It is however important to bear in mind that everyone needs a certain amount of sun exposure for the production of Vitamin D within the body, which can be attained by a few minutes of sun exposure per day (without sunscreen) when the sun isn’t at its strongest.

Skincare in the Sun

  • Avoid the sun when at it’s strongest, usually between 10am and 3 pm
  • Use a sun safe lip balm!
  • Don’t let yourself, and particularly your children, get sunburned
  • Apply sunscreen often as recommended, usually every 2 hours or so
  • Wear chemical free sunscreen
  • For maximum sunscreen skincare use a chemical free sunscreen that can prevent premature skin ageing and reduce the risk of more serious health problems, … and you could be literally saving your skin!