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Holistic Skin Care

Many people are deciding to use bypass the chemicals and opt for safe, holistic skin care methods. While holistic care cannot completely replace conventional medical care, it can be used safely to address many issues, and with good results.
One the best holistic skin care methods is the use of olive oil on stretch marks. Anyone who has ever given birth, or gained and lost a large amount of weight, was probably left with unsightly stretch marks. Using this method to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is easy. Simply apply the oil during therapeutic massage. This should be repeated three or more times per week. Be certain to follow this regimen strictly to achieve the best results. This holistic skin care method produces noticeable improvement in the majority of users. No special olive oil is required. Olive oil from your local grocery store will work just fine.

Knowing what to put on your skin is always a big trouble for those looking for natural alternatives, I found this article on the internet from a cool company that sells all natural products. They have a great blog that talks about natural ingredients and how they can help, which ones are the most beneficial and just overall of what you should be putting on your skin daily!

For holistic skin exfoliation, try a mixture of sugar and baby oil. Research has shown that this is an effective method of home exfoliation. To use, mix the sugar and baby oil together and apply it to your skin while in the tub or shower and then rinse it off. It’s hard to beat this holistic skin care method when it comes to price compared with commercial exfoliating products, and the glowing skin it produces is wonderful.

Wrinkles can be attacked with a holistic approach as well. Castor oil can be used as an eye cream. To use, massage it in the eye area just before bedtime and let it stay until morning. Alternately, orange juice applied to cotton pads and allowed to rest on the eyes for ten minutes can also help tame wrinkles in the eye area. For wrinkle reduction for your entire face, mix three drops of almond oil, one beaten egg white, a half teaspoon of lemon juice, and two teaspoons of orange juice. Apply this mixture to your entire face and allow it to completely dry. Once dry, rinse it off with warm water.

Most people do not realize the effect that diet has on skin. Making sure you are getting plenty of antioxidants, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E is a powerful holistic skin care method. In addition, Omega-3 oils prevents skin from drying out, and helps skin retain it’s elasticity.

Implementing the holistic skin care approach is simple, cost effective, and best of all, natural. In a world full of pills and potions, it is best to try to care for yourself in as natural a way as possible.