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CS:GO Review

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a online First Person Shooter (FPS) that is well known for having a high skill ceiling, being competitive and having a huge online economy that is based on Skins and cosmetics such as Knifes, weapon skins, pins, etc.

This review will list the pros and cons of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. (CS-GO)

~The Pros~

-A large and dedicated player base that will keep the game alive for years to come.
-A high skill ceilling that is easy to get into but hard to master.
-Good ranking system that pits players of the same skill level together allowing mostly fair play.
-Almost any one can run this game on they’ll computers.
-Updates that improves the game.
-Fun gameplay.
-decent graphics.
-Good pro scene.
-Fast matchmaking.

Now its time for the cons.

~The Cons~

-Subpar anticheat.
-64 tick servers.
-Not the best reporting system.

I have way too many hours on this game. Its an OK game but needs improvements. If you like a game with alot of salty teammates and cheaters around every corner then this is the game for you. This game is fun but they need to fix things definitely. It is a highly competitive game but could be better. It seems like ive been stuck in Silver 1 for all my time maybe thats why im posting a somewhat salty review. However, I find CS:GO to be one of my favorite games ever. This is the first fps that truly requires thought and team communication, Unlike most fps’s where it is just point and shoot. I truly recommend this game.

Overall i would give this game a 8.0/10

Get this game if you are into skillful first person shooters or if you like competitive games and are looking to have some:

– Very fun and challenging
– Skill and Luck are involved
– Active development staff results in good updates
– Active community results in good gameplay

You can buy it on the steam store here or get csgo free from this guy!