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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Steam Review

This is my impression(s) so far after playing over 12 hours.

The game takes the open world RPG genre and produces a realistic and authentic representation of c. 15th century Bohemia. First off, the developers’ put a significant amount of time and effort into providing an immersive RPG. The landscape is breath-taking. At many points in the game I had to stop and take in my surroundings. From wooded areas rife with deer, to sprawling medieval towns, the game goes to such an extent to make you feel like you’re living in a real place from history.

The quests and side-quests, though I have only played a few, are meticulously crafted and there are many ways to complete a quest. A side-quest in a traditional RPG would see you run off to collect something in the game and come back and speak to someone for a reward. This is not the general formula KCD sticks to. I just a completed a small quest for a local bailiff, where I had to question beggars and peasants for some town jobs: carrying water… and well… other “substances”. You get to interview each peasant, hear their life story and reasons for wanting a job – and then get to decide who deserves rightful employment. This is a small and inconsequential moment in the game, but it goes to add to the impressive immersive overall.

I had mixed impressions about the combat at first. I thought that it was clunky and slow, but since learning the more advanced skills and levelling up my character, combat becomes really entertaining and thrilling – once you know what you are doing, and the ‘slowness’ of the combat makes it more fun. Though trying to take on more than one enemy can prove difficult.

Of course, the game is not without its problems. There are many bugs: ranging from clipping in bushes, to teleportation in the sky. I haven’t personally come across a bug that’s made me lose enjoyment in the game or has ‘broken’ my immersion. Too many times I’ve read others’ comments claiming the game isn’t ‘immersive’ because of the bugs. NO. The gameplay is what drives immersion. I don’t get out of my chair and shout at the game for falsely making me believe I was living in 15th century Bohemia when another person’s legs end up off the ground. No. I chill and realise it’s a bug in the ‘video-game’, and I continue on my merry way.

I must be frank: The save system is a joke. In concept it’s a nice idea, but in practice it doesn’t work very well. This should be patched soon. If you are looking at purchasing Kingdom Come: Deliverance I would get it for free from: Kingdom Come: Deliverance FREE!

Optimization is poor. I don’t have the strongest PC, but I find that I get a steady 30-50 fps in the countryside, but in well-built areas such as towns or castles, my fps drops to below 20 easily.

Some of the animations are a bit clunky, but overall I felt that they did well – including the voice acting. I would love this game to have mods on PS4 & Xbox as I think that would make it super fun. I do really recommend getting this game though 😛