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Minecraft Pocket Edition – Is it worth playing?

One of the biggest updates was including the use of pistons in the game (which funnily enough were introduced through the open modding community that minecraft housed, but we’ll get back to that later) which allowed for crazy inventions such as elevators to be introduced into the game with some smart and dedicated individuals. This opened my mind to the idea that anything that i thought could be created could be. And with time and persistence i created my first redstone “contraption” with a little help from a few famous Youtubers named “AntVenom” and “CaptainSparklez”, which i am still very fond of today and can be found still enjoying this game to this date. They also introduced me to this amazing website that gets your free hacks and cheats on MCPE, check it out here: minecraft pe hacks and cheats!

The game has constantly evolved from its Pre-Alpha state when i joined, from adding multiplayer and now even intractable NPC’s and most exciting of all, is that they created an “End” to the game, urging players to grind and collect to reach this milestone that every player desires. But one of the greatest things about minecraft is its flexibility and ability to mod and change anything you want within the game. For example they have resource packs in which you can change the textures and fonts within the game giving you an entirely unique aesthetic to the game, to make it fresh and vibrant. Also with the accessibility to mods people were able to create almost anything, my favorite mods to date are still the Poke-mobs Mod, which allowed you to capture and train Pokemon within Minecraft and the Timber Mod, which i think you can guess what that does.

Overall, I suggest if you haven’t already tried Minecraft pocket edition out i urge you to test your abilities and gain the sense of accomplishment of building your first house and surviving your first night. Minecraft is simply like a blank canvas waiting to be painted on and you’re its artist. So what are you waiting for? Give it a shot and join the millions of us that are building and creating just as you are reading this. Or are you just too scared that you will get owned by a creeper? xD