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Fortnite – The Best Battle Royale in 2018?

Honestly I cannot praise this game enough, in my opinion is the best battle royale out there. The graphics, the flow of the game even how the guns and firefight systems work are brilliant.

My only issue is the trend every game seems to be falling into, micro transactions and loot boxes, fortnite heavily suffers from this, it doesn’t affect game play but if you want to look good, you bet your ass you’re gunna have to spend a good 10 quid on a coat or in my case the twitch prime gear, rr you can use this video to get free v bucks…. it worked for me 🙂

Other then that one fairly large issue, i believe fortnite could be a masterpiece if the devs put more time into making it into what the players want and not some loot box cash grab.

Here are some pros and cons if you are looking into playing fortnite!


-Interesting play style, surviving based on killing others, getting stronger as you play through.

-Decent execution, the server problem, parachute problem, bad optimisation has all been fixed.

-Despite me hating the game, there are times which i play with my friend, and all shout in excitement when we do something awesome.

-Highly replayable

-Nice ranking system, I would consider it to be friendly to both veterans and new players joining the game.


-Vehicle physics. What the actual is wrong with your roads? if i drive a  motorcycle on the road, it shouldn’t flip and kill all of us on it, every other time. The buggy feels like it has a magnet stuck onto the ground, the thing barely flips.

-The amount of hackers in this game. There are simply too many, it runis your 15 minutes of hard work searching through houses, jumping fences and careful looting. The system doesnt even have any response for reporting, you never know if the guy you reported is actually being banned or not.

-Too many times does the lobby jam, which we see one player being ready but he actually isnt, or vice versa. The ready screen is simply a joke if you ask me, sometimes we’d have random region changes or random mode changes for seemingly no reason at all.

-Instead of working on a reliable anti-cheat system, working on a better loading screen, better vehicle physics, better optimisation, the game devs decided.. stuff all of you, here have some new skins, not happy? have some gun skins, not happy? alright alright have this flare gun.

-There should be an option to select which ever weather/day time you want, some of us did like the fog. Instead they just deleted it.

-The emote system made me hate cheaters sooooo much more, goddamn it…..

-The devs really need to reconsider their priorities.. They are a small company, but fortnite made big sales and they made a very large sum of money, personally I dont think its wrong to come up with new skins or new ways to cash(keys and such), but i do think that they might wanna fix their game and make it smooth first.