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Our God of War Review! Plus how to GOW FREE!

God of War is a pretty great game, although admittedly it doesn’t bring many new things to the table.

For the most part, FC5 follows a similar formula to the previous installments. Naturally, there are changes to the formula, such as the removal of radio towers in favor of allowing full freedom of exploration from the start to name one.

The story progression is different in that, despite having “story missions”, progress can be made by accumulating Resistance Points (RP) rewarded from various activities and missions. A problem with this is that once you reach specific RP thresholds, the game likes to throw you into a story mission, which is frustrating because you rarely have a say in the matter. Considering how easy it is to attain RP, it is very easy to reach those forced quests even when avoiding them.

One rather large issue the game has is that the game loves to spam random enemy encounters everywhere, meaning you usually can’t go a full minute without a truck driving by or a group of cultists harrassing hostages. This is all well and good, but it slowly starts to get aggravating when, after every encounter, two others take their place like some sort of micro-quest hydra. This is at its worst when you’re trying to talk to an NPC and they flip because some clown spawned nearby for the sole intent of interrupting your dialogue and waste time.

Other than the previously mentioned issues, I’ve had a lot of fun playing God of War, probably more than I had with God of War 3.

There’s also the God of War Arcade which allows you to play as well as create custom maps of all sorts, providing tons of more content if you’re still yearning for more after finishing the game properly. If you guys are interested in playing god of war I did find this awesome video on how to get gow free!

Overall, the game is still very much like its predecessors, but it’s still fun enough to play even if you’ve completed the other entries in the series.

I’ll probably update this review once I’ve checked out the multiplayer, but for now this is strictly based on my single player experience.