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Grand Theft Auto 5 – Is it still worth playing?

Got this game when it went on sale. It has a good single player and is worth the price (when it is on sale). I say this because multiplayer can be a bad experience because of the hackers that plague the servers. It can also be a good experience when you have friends to play with you. But when you are a solo player then the vehicles that you want can be grindy to get and you may be force to buy premium currency. The only reason I recommend this game is for its single player. If your looking to play in multiplayer with no friends then I cannot recommend this for you…

Story mode is fine.
Online is not. It plays like a mobile game made by EA. Its centred around money and not gameplay. The UI is bad, there are long cutscenes you cant skip, the gameplay there is is repetetive and boring and the loading times are REALLY long. The worst part is that there are several bugs which cause you to get stuck on a loading screen so you end up waiting for ages trying to guess whether its frozen or just a really long loasing time.
I also think the antialiasing settings are lacking, but thats not a big issue.


GTA has always been a title I’ve always loved, this game is simply amazing and ambitious. Though the main downfall of this game is the waste of potential. Rockstar has gone to the moneyhungry path, they would rather focus onĀ  microtransactions rather than make DLC for the main game, and this is coming from a guy who mostly only play multiplayer.

Enjoy the Story mode because this might even be the last rockstar game that has no microtransaction in its single player mode.

Overall, if you love single player games you really can’t go past gta 5 and then best thing about single player games, it that you can download them for free. If you watch this video it explains everything…. how to get gta 5 for free.