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Minecraft Guide: Building a Fireplace – How To


There are two ways to make a fireplace in Minecraft. The first method is simple, easy, and for the most part ineffective as far as light and aesthetics go. This method is to make a furnace at the crafting table by arranging eight cobblestones in a circle and keeping the furnace lit and processing materials. The second method is a bit more involved, less useful and more pleasing to the eye. It involves building a hollow in your house made from non-combustible building materials, as fire can burn wooden structures, placing a block or two of Netherrack in the fireplace immediately below where you want the flame and a flint and steel to light the Netherrack.
The first step is fairly simple, make it pleasing to your aesthetic senses and make sure there is a space below where you want the flame so you can later insert your Netherrack as the fuel for the flame. Now if you guys are just starting to read about minecraft and are not sure whether you should buy it yet, there is a guide on youtube how to play minecraft for free!

The second step is quite a bit more involved and requires going to the Nether.

In the Nether you will need to mine Netherrack, although you shouldn’t need more than a couple blocks of it for your fireplace.

You should already have a Flint and Steel if you’ve been able to create a portal to the Nether.

Once you have your Netherrack and you Flint and Steel, you will need to place the Netherrack in the hole you made for it in the first step. Then you will need to use your Flint and Steel to ignite it. Now while this method is effective, I recommend just using a minecraft pe hack to get all the resources and materials you need.

And that’s how you make an aesthetically pleasing Fireplace.