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Hyrule Warriors, the best Nintendo Game yet? Here’s how you can get it for free!

Hyrule Warriors: Gameplay wise, Improved everything over the first.
Plot? just reasons to have another go and command an army of orcs
Story? Good little moments here and there.
With or without lootboxes its fun and playable. Like seriously, all the loot boxes do is give you some control over the type of orcs you get/train which is not good for anything except for the multiplayer thats not live anyway, it just consist of monsters fighting and seizing AI bases.
Fun game, can be played in short bursts (if your lousy) and longer bursts (if your great, not like me). Contros great, feels like playing an avatar game (as mentioned in numerous reviews).

Interestingly, each element plays differently, and is not just aesthetics. I had a different experience having wind element as a basic attact, with water, fire, and electricity elements.

Now how can you get it for free? Just watch this video:

Bad side, no element interaction ala magicka, just the usual elemental interaction. No advantage in playing a pure one elemental type.

This is a good game. Of course, not perfect. Concept is great. Very grindy to unlock stuff, which I enjoy in an RPG. It is frustrating when I use a spell and an enemy jabs me. It cancels the spell and leaves me open for another hit. Definitely not a game for casual players. Learning how to dodge is probably the most important skill you will need as a player. The idea that all the stats are hidden definitely makes it a fun mystery trying to figure out what items do in this game. You can not just stack stats you want and min-max to start levels, but if you are lucky and pick up the right items in each level you can make some godly combos.

I was excited to play this game during the free weekend as I greatly enjoyed the previous game. I know I have not played much of the hyrule warrior but I have played a lot of nintendo games and this game just didnt seem as interesting and fun as the first. It was not as engaging as the first and the movement and combat was not as free flowing. Its not a bad game but hyrule warriors is much better. Considering the price tag on this game I dont think its really worth it when you can get the previous game much cheaper and get more enjoyment out of it.