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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review + Free Guide

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is an amazing game. Amazing mechanics, amazing concept, amazing design, great music, great atmosphere. Easy 9/10 from me. It’s like ARK and Rust had a unique baby, with a beautiful balance of PvE and PvP, with the long end-game goals of ARK and also plenty of the fun short-time excitement of Rust.

The Cons: Some bugs still inconvenience the play experience. Right now I have a bug where I literally CAN’T JOIN MY MAIN SERVER anymore, for apparently no reason – I get “Pending Connection Failure” every single time, and there’s no way to fix it that I know of. Reinstalled the game, Verified game files, etc etc. Still no luck. Can connect to any other server just fine.
Also, there’s some lag here and there, which gets annoying. However you get can street fighter free by watching this video!

I tried playing Rust, Ark and now this, I’m sure people love this game and im not here to bash it I just dont understand the point of these style of games. They, to me have zero meaning or purpose. End game makes no sense or in my eyes doesn’t exist. and for me its a troll simulator. Ark for example, I never made it off the beach. Kept getting killed by people waiting for others to spawn in. Spawn, grab some plants/wood/stone, build weapons, build base, base get destroyed while you sleep, rinse and repeat. And most of these games dont really feel that great to play in regards to perfermance or combat (Clunky). Its all about what style of game you like to play, is it better then the other games I mentioned? They all feel that exact same to me so I cant honestly say. To expensive for what it is. My biggest gripe with Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection like all those other games is the combat feels disgusting.

I’ve been playing on and of through early access, but this game keeps getting better. There are a few bugs that need to be ironed out, such as hit boxes on some resources, the camera when trying to take on a rhino, and for some reason my elevator near the savannah sometimes transports me to the highlands but everything else I’ve experienced is solid so far.