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You can play the Battlefield V beta now….

Battlefield V is one of a kind games, regardless how much people go and say its a Destiny clone.

Combat is fluid, fast paced and easy to understand with a high level of complexity that allows for expirenced players to outperform even with weaker gear given they know what they are doing. its a rewarding system that is very much supported by player skill and not just your gear, but by no emans does that mean that your gear wont help.

Performance wise the game runs real smooth, im running a Geforce 9800 GT (yes, its a 11 Y/O relict as of writing this review) and its performing well enough to play, i am abale to sustain steady 20 FPs in most missions, with exeptions for the more populated areas, so your hardwares shouldnt cause you too much prolems as long as your hardware isnt 10 years old.

End game of Battlefield V is bordeline non-existant, as the game is still in development, so any progression you set up for yourself, is your own. However, by no means i say this game has no hard content, because of the games design, you can go against enemies that are significantly harder than you in no time if you decide to. However, you can get your hands on a free BF5 beta key here: How to get Battlefield V Beta Key FREE!

Grindy? Sure, but the story they’ve made is amazing, it’s absolutely spectacular. Sure there were a few bumps in the road, I miss the t1 – t4 stuff but relics are fun to grind for too.

The currency that used, Platinum, is only aquirable through either with the 50 you start out with, paying money for it, or trading it with other players. Its a grindy game and for starters, seems a bit complicated, but after a bit of research, everything becomes alot clearer.
You can never really run out of things to do since theres a huge selection of weapons and items. There really is no end goal other than owning everything in the game which would take forever.
The story wasn’t really a thing until recently. The story quest they added is alot more interesting than before since before its just the same type of missions being repeated, but the addition of Second Dream and The War Within is a unique mission with cutscenes.
Alot of people compare this to Destiny, and I agree that Overall, Battlefield V is better due to the huge selection of Weapons, very indepth mechanics, such as mobility, and its completely free. But I think that Destiny does win in the Graphics, AI, and the Story. The graphics are by no means bad, but Destiny looks better, and in my opinion the characters and enemies look cleaner and visably apealing, whilst for example the Infested, its hard to see what your really looking at. Most of them just rush you and are pretty squishy. The games definition of a challenge is an enemy that has alot of health and deals alot of damage. The levels shown above the enemies dont really mean much since it varies alot depending on what your doing. The story, aside from Second Dream and The War Within, was very bland and boring. The quests required you to do the same type of mission just for different reasons and on different maps. Destiny is nothing like that. The story is clearer and easier to follow. In Battlefield V, it felt as if I was doing the missions to level up my stuff, and no clear reason or story was present. If Battlefield V included the Pros that Destiny had over it, Battlefield V would be an Astounding game