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Here’s your chance to get your hands on a Fallout 76 Beta Key!

So we have been playing the fallout 76 beta, as some keys just got leaked. Now we can’t share with you the free beta keys for fallout 76, but we can link you to a video which shows you how to get them for free on xbox, pc and ps4! Here is it:

If you were just here for the beta keys, then enjoy but further down is our review of the beta!

The game is overly simplified, having been dumbed down to the most bare-bones level imaginable – no skills, no traits, it’s just perks now – and of course Bethesda’s game design must allow you to get all the perks in one playthrough. Even the SPECIAL system loses its importance of carefully choosing how to spend your points in character creation, when you can just increase them to your heart’s content upon leveling up.

The dialogue system is a joke with almighty FOUR dialogue options, which most of the time don’t ever matter (and it is obvious that Bethesda has some hard time understanding what “sarcastic” means, as a lot of times the so called “sarcastic” option is not sarcastic by any strech of the word). The writing itself is mired with things that are just t1ts to the wall stupid or don’t make sense (the infamous “200 years in a fridge ghoul kid” sums up how stupid things get, and a good example of things that don’t make sense is when you can’t even try to compromise with the Institute main faction in relation to other faction, with all the dialogue options that even hint to compromise or trying to do things some other way leading to you being told; “no, this is the way it must be” etc – why even bother having dialogue options like that when they don’t matter?). Writing is what can make any game feel better, but Bethesda has failed to deliver in writing for a long time, and this is no exception. Bethesda’s writing has been declining since Morrowind (and this isn’t to say that Morrowind is the ultimate game – the point is how writing has seriously declined): like Ken Rolston – who was formerly a big cheese at Bethesda – said when he was asked why they ditched the more extensive dialogue from Morrowind starting with Oblivion “I’m told that fully voiced dialogue is what the kids want”.

The gunplay works technically speaking – but when you can’t even try to avoid using it most of the time when even your human enemies are just fodder with no reasoning who charge right at you (just because) it loses any charm it has. The settlement system is also problematic, and the eternal nagging of “another settlement needs out help” when you are supposed to be the leader yet are forced to do everything yourself is just stupid.

For a game that’s supposed to represent the mainstay Fallout series of RPGs this is a real let-down (mind you; this is supposed to be numbered part of the main series as “Fallout FOUR”, and not some spin-off). It is as if Bethesda just went through a check-list of Fallout related things which they applied to their random game – that’s not how you make a good Fallout game.