Punto Critico

Simple but Elegant.

Fortnite Game of Year for 2018? Definitely.

FortniteĀ is plagued with aimbotters and hackers that never miss shots by aimbotting,looking through walls known as ESP as well as using map hacking tools that know where all the players and chests are in realtime as well as what type of items are nearby. The longer you survive the more chances you have of encountering a hacker as they use these tools to get a huge advantage over others. This game was already dead on the 1st day of it’s release. However, fortnite is super popular and the cosmetics items are my favorite! I just watched this youtube video showing how to get a rare skin in fortnite: how to get skull trooper for free

The game is riddled with poor hit detection,bugs that crash the game,terrible netcode,bad graphical optimization running at 1080p 40fps on an Nvidia 4GB graphics card. The servers are laggy and do not register damage correctly even when I landed 6 headshots they somehow survived 12000 damage or more.

Everytime you try to lower your resolution in fullscreen the game crashes, everytime you try to go to windowed fullscreen when ur in fullscreen, the game crashes, it took me 4 times of relaunching the game untill I finally managed to log in the goddamn game, when the “report the crash” crap pops up, the game forever runs on steam and never shuts off, infact I even opened the task manager and couldn’t find anything related to the game to shut down, requiring me to shut down steam multiple times, please optimise the game before making it early access.

There is absolutely no real anti-cheat system in place. The game will be completely dead in a few weeks. The hacker infestation has become the norm. Do not spend a single penny in this game. You are simply enabling bad business practices and poor game development. The same company that created Paladins used the exact same assets for this game. It is absolutely lazy.

This is what gaming has become a market of poorly developed games catering to the battle royale trends. Tragic.