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Fortnite Just Dropped the New Pterodactyl Glider and here’s how you can get it for FREE!

Epic Games have been working hard…. With the all new¬†Pterodactyl Glider releasing today. It makes an awful screeching sound when deployed from the battle bus, but it looks GREAT! They have truly outdone themselves here. I was stumbling upon youtube trying to find clips of the new glider and I found this great video here on how you can actually get it for free:

Now yes, this method is working and YES I got it for free!

For all those that don’t play fortnite maybe check out my review of the game?


Absolutely stunning, addictive, and competitive game that will have your heart racing.

When I first got the game, it was pretty fun. After a few 30 hours of gameplay, it got boring. I hated it. I felt like the game favored campers and it was laggy. I couldn’t get better, and I felt like playing was just a waste of time. Get a gun, make it to the top 10, die, repeat. After a while, I was just sick of this. It encouraged me to build my own PC, so I did. And let me tell you, it was worth it.

With 70-100 FPS at ultra settings, the game looked absolutely stunning. I realized the game wasn’t terribly optimized, but that I had a potato PC. Many will say the game is terribly optimized, which is only half true. It could be optimized a little better, but they have to realise it is a realistic looking game, not a cartoon like game. The graphics have to be solic to look realistic.

Now to the gameplay. I have realized that the game does not favor camping, but instead favors players who go out and play the game like it should be played: players who go out exploring, grabbing loot, and moving on. Camping may get you a very low amount of easy kills if at all any, but will almost guarantee a loss. After gaining faster reflexes and better game sense, defeating campers is a breeze. Trust me, the game will get much better if you just keep taking time into it. The game also has very large maps and they are THE BEST. You can tell the developers took time into making the maps instead of quickly adding a new, boring map. There is so much to explore in the maps. Quality over quantity, amitire?