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Is Save the World Worth a Buy? Let’s put it to the test.

Holy crap.¬†Fortnite PVE was amazing. I’m finding it hard to express how I feel after playing through the story but I’ll try my best.

So the game opens up with you and your 3 companions/friends on a journey, to the main characters bride-to-be. There’s this beautiful, awesome cover of Stand By Me by Florence + The Machine. I feel this song is important to tell the story of these characters which you follow on your adventure. The story is very focused on loyalty, friendship and how important it is, not only in fantasy-land but in general as well. No matter how dangerous the situation is, your friends are always there to lend a helping hand in battle. Their friendship seems very realistic at times. They don’t always agree on things, they insult each other, tell cringy and funny jokes, have good laughs together etc.

I’m going to try to avoid writing a bible here but it’s kind of hard.

Jumping farther ahead in the story, you’ll meet a ton of cool and interesting characters, like Cindy, Cid, Iris and Aranea

There are a fair amount of bosses, especially at the end of the game. Some are quite easy, and some are more challenging to defeat. (also depending on your gear and level of course). They are all different though, so I never felt like it got repetitive. I think i got Game Over 3 times, it isn’t too hard to stay alive if you’ve got plenty of potions and such.

Anyway, I really loved the main story. I found it very captivating, funny in the beginning, very damn sad in the end. Honestly, i was really close to crying in the very end of it,

Enough about the story, let’s talk gameplay. I had some issues that I’ll be listing here:

The open world was a nice addition, I haven’t explored a lot of it yet but I certainly will. Only bad thing i can say about it is that it feels sooo slow moving around without your car, which for the record you won’t be doing much.

The driving felt weird, all you kind of have to do is hold W, so I mostly let Ignis drive when i needed to travel long distances.

The combat was good, for the most part. It felt good and had nice flow, I just wish you could do combo moves or something, but it certainly wasn’t bad just because there weren’t any combos, just really cool guns like the¬†blue Pump shotty & the purple bolt actioned sniper!

Unfortunately, I did get some weird bugs/glitches sometimes, but never anything game-breaking. Usually just resolved itself instantly. Never had to load a previous save or restart the game.

Overall, I really love this game and I would even say it’s my favorite game at the moment. Very beautiful to look at (especially if you get the 4K Resolution Pack), amazing story, really nice gameplay. Now should you buy Save the World? It’s a good game but I think it’s just easier getting it for free: how to get save the world for free

Obviously recommend the game, if you want to buy it then definitely go for it. You won’t regret it.
I dare say it’s a 10/10 for me.